My Life Explained through Fish Sticks

I have always kept a journal since I was a young girl. Something I thank my parents for! Pretty sure they bought me my first soft cover rainbow and unicorn journal, the ones with the locks. You 90’s girls know what I’m talking about! Anyway, I am not one to just share my emotions openly with everyone, I’m not a cry when happy, type of person, yep not even when my babies were born! call me soulless I guess! No,no. The births of my two girls brought me great joy and were the happiest days of my life, but my water works only seem to turn on for the really sad crap. It is my curse, or blessing if you ask those blubbering women who cry at Halmark commercials. So alas, I have kept a journal to keep not only a record of my life, but to work out all those emotions through words. 
In the past three years my life has had some interesting twists and turns and when most hear my story they first say “wow” or “that’s crazy” or my personal favorite “Holy ____”! Then of course it’s followed up by, “you should write a book”. Listen, I’m no English major and for all you grammar people out there this is probably not the blog for you! Although the thought of, “well the Kardashians have wrote books so surely I could”, has crossed my mind, I feel like a good old fashioned blog of my crazy life will have to suffice for now. My now oh so public journal! Ah!!

Most reading this,my first blog ever, know my story, but for those of you reading this years after my blog has become famous, cough cough, I’m going to tell it in the most summarized version possible. I admit I stole this technique from my ten year old daughter who quite literally used her fish sticks at school to explain it to her friends! Here goes nothing…

Cue the dramatic music…I’m divorced. That’s a whole other blog for another day to be titled “why getting married at 19 is a terrible idea”! We both were born and raised in Idaho and then for a job, we moved to North Dakota. We got divorced about 3 years ago. My ex husband got remarried shortly after. Then about 2 years later I too got remarried. Yay for us! Okay here’s the real interesting bit…I married my ex husbands current wife’s, ex husband. 

I’m gonna let you reread that a few times to let it sink in. 

Still having problems understanding? Refer to diagram below.  


I did not want to use names of ex’s without permission. 

So if by some miracle you understand my scribbling since I didn’t have fish sticks like my 10 year old did, then you’ll see we are a VERY modern family. Side note: should of wrote Present day rather than 3 years later. So stay with me if you’re still confused you’ll have that “ah ha” moment eventually! 

 Now, not only do we share joint custody together, we decided after lots of prayers to move, all of us, from our homes in North Dakota to start a whole new life in New Jersey (job offers for both men) Me, my husband and our ex’s and the three kids, all packed up and moved East!

Let me address the obvious question.

Do we all live together? HELL NO this is not a sister wife situation. No “Big Love” here! We share one week on, one week off  with the 3 kids we share between the four of us. My husband Brandon, has an older son from a previous relationship who still lives in North Dakota. 

For those of you hoping I’m going to get into the nitty gritty of how all this happened, you will be sadly disappointed.  All you need to know right now is we were all friends before, and time and healing and forgiveness has helped us to become friendly again for our children’s sake and our own personal progression. 

New Jersey has been a tender mercy from God. This move has helped us all learn to not only rely on each other, but on our Heavenly Father. This blog is going to hopefully serve to those of you, who may not be in our same situation (cuz I’m pretty sure we are a rare breed of crazy), but are either going through divorce or have already and have the dreaded task of “co-parenting”. I am here to tell you it can be done, it can be rewarding to not only your children, but to your own personal well being! I can’t wait to share my personal journey with you! My journey of how I fell and how I got up dusted myself off and am living happily after, the after! 



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