Fulfilling my husbands Fantasy in 13 weeks. 

Ladies, I decided to do it, fulfill my husbands greatest Fantasy. It’s not something I ever thought I’d be in to, but that’s what good wife’s do right? They put themselves out there and try knew things to help keep the spark alive. I worried…Would I do it right? Would I like it? Would we both like each other in the end? Will I be able to look at him the same? What if I’m not good at it? Nonetheless, I put my game face on and I bought the instructional magazines, watched the appropriate videos, and listened to the Fantasy radio stations, to give me all the  tips and tricks I need to give me that edge. Then, the day came…the day that would change our relationship forever…

Draft Day.

That’s right ladies, I Fullfilled his Fantasy…Football dreams, and drafted my first ever Fantasy Football team!  

Let’s be clear from the start. I. HATE. FOOTBALL. SEASON.  

I’m an athlete yes, but football has never been on my watch list. Why? Okay besides the fact that these guys crush each other’s skulls (that’s right I watched the movie “Concussion”), that it’s a male only sport, and that the games are so crazy long, I’ve just never gotten into it. I mean listen Thursday’s are my Greys Anatomy and Scandal nights, Sunday’s are church and family days, and Monday’s are FHE (family home evening) so I just don’t have time for Football. However my husband seems to always find time. How do men do it? How can they be swamped at work, not make it home for dinner, struggle to pay attention to conversations, and can’t remember to take the trash out every Tuesday, but ask them about “the game” last night, or heck last week, and they’ll tell you all the stats play by play of the best players and literally have every name memorized, position they play, injury they had, and team they play for, or past few teams the played for. I can’t even get my husband to remember more than 5 of my closest friends names?!  

I had to know, I had to find out, what it is about Football that captures our husbands every thoughts and desires for 16 weeks straight?! 

Yes women, I know some of you are die hard football fans too and equally love the game just as much as your husbands or significant others. To you I bow down. I respect your love of the game, I want to be on your side and wear the cool jerseys, talk the smack, and scream at the TV, just as my husband does. I couldn’t just do it by watching football with him though. I tried that, and although I would always get in a relaxing Sunday nap, I’m not sure that’s the type of “husband/wife bonding” I’m searching for. So when the opportunity to join a Fantasy Football league opened up at work I “called an audible” (see what I did there) and changed up the way I’d be spending my Fall/Winter season with my husband. 

Forking out the $20 buy in (that’s right I’m invested monetarily now too) wasn’t the hard part. First you have to download the ESPN app which will become your lifeline to another world for the next 13 weeks. 

Then you pick a team name. Yes I know I cursed in mine. But come on I need a name with some edge, and apparently one that’s humorous too. So since I’m one of the only girls on this Fantasy team and apparently Tom Brady is the only girl on his team (I may have stole that line from my husband) this name just worked. 

Then you draft. Apparently some people get together and have “draft parties”, but lucky for my new to the game butt I got to do it from the comforts of my own couch! I had some beginners luck in this one however, and random order gave me FIRST PICK! This of course meant nothing to me besides feeling like I was in school and the teacher picked me first to answer a question I had no idea the answer to! I was a deer in headlights. This is where the bonding began! I cuddled up next to my hunky husband and began what I thought would be an exciting event. Well, 30 minutes in I decided to video document the excitement. I will share the painfully thrilling events with you through the Unedited YouTube video I created…


Jessie’s First Fantasy Football Draft
Update: I am in week 3. 10 weeks to go. Here I am on a Thursday night watching the Texans vs. Patriots. My husband is sound asleep next to me and I don’t even have players tonight!? What is happening to me?

 Although my sleeping husband makes it appear we aren’t bonding (He’s got a touch of the man flu and will probably be so happy I shared this picture-insert sarcasm) We are! I have found that I get excited to see how my players do and my first text Tuesday morning to my husband is my team’s final score. I’ve won the first 2 weeks! I am learning the rules, the players, and I can kinda understand what my boss is talking about to “the guys” at work. It’s Thursday and Greys Anatomy premiered tonight so that still came first, but I didn’t put up a fight when my husband changed the channel to the game and I haven’t changed it after he fell asleep! I’d say that’s a win. And although I have just embarked on this Fantasy with my husband, I see real potential for a new found enjoyment (I can’t say the L word just yet) in football, and a happy ending may be in my husbands future. 😉 🏈 

I fully intend to post an update halfway through and at the end so stay tuned! Until then here’s some Fantasy Football lady humor for ya!


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